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Atlasco Egypt for training is one of the leader companies for more than 23 years in the Egyptian market , sales , service and maintenance of compressed air system in various fields .

1-  We are the sole agent in Egypt for

Boge compressed air system .         Germany

BOGE have more than 100 years in manufacturing Air compressors , Rotary Screw , Oil free and Rotary Screw Oil Injected compressors as reciprocating compressors up to 40 bar and PET system Also speed frequency controlled units and compressors air treatment for different applications medical uses .

2-  We are the sole agent in Egypt for

    SPM instrument                      Sweden

If you wish to increase your production and decrease your costs without affecting the quality of your business .

Atlasco Egypt are one of the specialist in the Egyptian market which serve the maintenance department by introducing the up to date Technology for preventive maintenance and pro – active maintenance By using the instrument and software from our suppliers , using the Analysis technology  Vibration measurements and diagnostic tools to maintain and extended machine reliability .

We supply instruments and training programs for maintenance department.

We also supply service contact machine health report .

Also training courses in SPM academy in Egypt according to the highest international standards .

3-  We are sole agent in Egypt for

            BEGA International Co Holland

Induction hearters : different sizes for multi propose applications to install all kinds of bearing , gears , couplings and all mechanical parts .

Hydraulic pullers and mechanical pullers :

With unique design built in pump to facilitate pulling bearing and mechanical parts in safe way .

BEGA is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of induction hearters and hydraulic and mechanical pullers for mounting and dismounting of all mechanical parts like bearing , gears and pullers .

4- We are sole agent in Egypt for

             Sotras                       Italy

Sotras are one of the biggest manu facturers for all kinds of oil , air filters and separators . There products cover a wide range for different types of rotary screw oil injected and other types of air compressors .

5-  We are sole agent in Egypt for

                 Ultra filter GMBH

                 THE Filtration MANU FACTUREER

Ultra filter is a well known company that supplies us with a wide range of refrigeration and descant dryers also a huge range of filters for different applications also sterile filters for medical applications .

6- We are sole agent in Egypt for

            Oxy mat A / S     DENMARK

Oxy mati s a Danish company established in 1978 , specialized in designing and manufacturing on – site nitrogen and oxygen generators using pressure Swing Adsorption ( P S A ) technology .

We have been manufacturing oxygen generators since 1978 .

With the 30 years long of experience we serve our customers .

The applications requesting oxygen are typically :

• Medical       • Wastewater     • Fish farming

• Water culture and Ozone   • Glass industry

• Mining         • Iron industries

The applications requesting Nitrogen are typically :

• Marine industry   • Electronic industry

• food & Beverage  • Chemical                 • Fire resistance     • Petrochemical

• Electric Cables     • Pharmaceutical